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Judge Her Not

Womens day

We all know the feeling when we are being judged because of the ways we dress, the way we talk or make any other lifestyle choice that is different than the regular one!When we are criticised for everything we do, it feels like we don’t have the freedom to choose what we like.

When we live our lives the way we want, and make our own decisions, why should anyone judge us for choosing what we like!

We have so many complaints about the male dominating society we live in. Men are superior to women, men rule the world, men keep overpowering us etc. but there is one small thing that we should probably notice, just like men, women are also an important part of the society, and we have a lot of power to ourselves, more than we can imagine! If we stand up for and support each other, we can see the difference for ourselves.

There are several times when a woman does not stand up for another women. She just chooses to be against her, or to be simply quiet! Not only where we live, but everywhere, there is a basic guideline for gender roles. Women are expected to behave in a certain way, do certain things and feel certain things, that are docile and feminine. No matter what we do, we always remain in a space of fear, fear of being judged, fear of not being understood. Every choice we make, has somebody to criticise us! If we choose to be a rebel we are judged, if we choose to remain with the flow, life is is still difficult.

And the worst part is, we are all a set of women that keep judging and criticising other women.

How many times do we find our aunts saying “ YEH KYA PEHNA HAI!!”

How many of us come home late night and find the aunty in the neighbourhood telling our mothers the next day “ KAL RAAT KAAFI LATE AYI AAPKI BETI!?”

How often are we asked “WHAT ARE YOU EVEN WEARING!?”

We forget to be there for each other, we forget to understand, we forget to stand up for one another.
As a woman, we need to stand up for ourselves as well as for others.

‘It is not about being right. It is about being treated right!’

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