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How B2B Business Marketing Can Grow With Instagram

Draiocht Media Pvt Ltd

Instagram is used for posting pictures, is there anything else you could do with it?

Yes, but what ?                                                      

The thing that many B2B marketers do not realize is that there is going to be a customer at the end of every post being published. This is why the most successful brand accounts try to build an emotional relationship with them and keep looking for unique ways to picturize their brand.

Instagram could be an amazing platform to create a bond with young audience and also the audience that is going to make decisions in the future, almost 50% of the B2B researchers are thought to be millennials and 90 percent of Instagram users are under the age of 35. So there can be a good chance that you reach quite a lot of B2B prospects through instagram.


  1. AWARENESS, can be created using instagram showing exactly what your brand is, and let people know about it through the same. Posting pictures, visuals and texts that tell more about your brand and giving the customers more legible information about your brand.
  2. CONNECTIONS, will be established with the customers once they know more in detail about what does your brand do and it’s latest updates.
  3. CULTURE, of your company is also one of the things your customers might love to know about. Sharing the values and ethics you believe in will make the customers think about you, and that gives you the emotional bond with your customers.
  4. AFFINITY, is affected when you are reaching people through their favourite means and in the ways they understand. When people see and know you better, there are more chances that they like your brand.


  1. ENGAGEMENT, of the employees through different sources indulging in social advocacy will also have a positive impact on your brand image.
  2. ORIGINAL SOURCES, of pictures will be available to the employees, where they can also reuse them with their own modified versions.
  3. DRIVE TRAFFIC, through other streams and engaging in cross-posting will lead to more followers and customers. Visuals are more welcomed by the audience on every channel.
  4. STORIES about the company, it’s culture and ethics when shared by the employees, have a great effect on the customers; which increases their trust and emotional bond with your brand.

So now we can probably be sure, about how instagram will have your back while marketing B2B!

Moreover, it will give a sense of community and that emotional bond to your customers and employees.

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