Online Reputation Management – An Overview

Online Reputation Management - An Overview

The basics

Online Reputation is the image that people perceive about a brand when they search for it on the internet or social media channels. Online Reputation Management or ORM (as its called), is the technique used to influence what information people find.  

These ORM techniques and strategies not only help push damaging content down the SERPs by ranking favourable content above it; but also manage online reviews, comments and feedback.

The need

A lot of hard work and time is involved in building a positive awareness about a brand. Maintaining this good reputation is equally important and requires a lot of expertise, proper planning and execution. As a negative online reputation can prove fatal for a business.

A brand may have a pretty & user friendly website, awesome Search Engine Optimization; but if a potential customer searches for this brand and finds comments or reviews such as “terrible customer service…” or “arrogant behaviour of the representative”, etc. then obviously that customer is forced to think twice about this brand.

The way

Here are a few pointers that can help you to manage your brand’s reputation on social media channels and other digital mediums:


The brand name is a business’ identity. But in the digital world, the business’ social media handles are equally important. These handles must be well thought off and the naming should bear a connection with the brand name. Consistency is the key here.


Social media profiles/pages are not just for pictures and posts, it is important to update all the necessary information on these pages. Location, phone number, email, etc. all play an important role in the overall marketing of a business on social media. This not only increases the legitimacy with clients but also makes it easier for Google’s algorithm to understand better about the brand that in turn helps in search engine optimization.


Responding to online reviews is another critical piece in not only building a positive online presence, but also in encouraging other consumers to leave their feedback and engage with the business. Further, replying to both positive and negative reviews/comments is vital for maintaining a good brand image.

Responding to a positive review is an easy way to engage with happy customers that benefits both the brand identity  and the business’ one-to-one relationship with that customer.

In the case of a negative review/comment, not responding can, in fact, make things worse. Dealing with negative reviews isn’t so hard, and it can even be leveraged as a marketing and branding opportunity if managed strategically. Always apologise, empathise and try to understand the problem or issue that forced the customer for a bad review or comment. However, this reputation management gives best results when managed professionally.


Active and alive social media presence of a brand is significantly important in today’s digital era. Regular posting on social media channels, interacting and engaging with audience works wonders in maintaining a persistent good online reputation. Once a brand is able to connect with the audience, this audience start acting as the business’ brand ambassadors and the positive brand image soars high.

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