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Draiocht Media is a full service digital marketing agency comprising of a few handpicked Digital Magicians who are creative thinkers, tireless researchers, strategic marketers and inveterate story-tellers. We strategize, develop and execute creative & ROI driven digital campaigns that thrive on the relationship that we build between brand and consumer.

We ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the right time with our innovative and tailor-made content strategy after thorough research & planning.  Creative thinking & structured approach to complex problems and agility without undermining the quality of work or compromising on the set KPIs sets us apart.


We, at Draiocht Media, always push for perfection but never at the expense of progress. In-depth research and problem solving instigate the ability to question & challenge everything, even our own tendency. Good creative thinking considers the task at hand as well as all surrounding systems. Last but not the least, we believe that minute details matter the most and make all the difference.

Our Services:

Social Media Marketing

A direct method to interact with people and reach out to them wherever they are sitting right now with perfect marketing techniques.

Content Marketing

A good content strategy is always required to attracts people towards your brand. That special enchanting ingredient of your brand is our responsibility.

E-mail Marketing

A simple technique to interact with your current and potential audience, thus promoting your brand and increasing sales. .

Search Engine Marketing & Advertising

If someone is looking for you, we make sure they find you or grab your audience’s attention towards your product or service with our magical expertise in search engine marketing & advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not just stuffing content with keywords, rather it is an art, which is beyond just that. An effective way to generate more traffic over time.

Web Design & Development

Well-tailored and customised web-pages are the need of the hour. They are, in a way, the face of your brand and indeed the backbone of your online presence..


Curiosity plays the role of ignition for us. It leads us to think for you and get insightful takes towards work and we believe in getting at the very base and root of things, then working on it creatively.
We believe in imagining new innovative things, giving every aspect an in-depth thought and never leaving anything unattended. The wizards of Draiocht Media always are upto creating something magical along with maintaining a work friendly atmosphere for the team as well as for our clients, so that everybody enjoys working with us and work doesn’t feel like work.
Always trying to be specific and detail oriented about things, because they matter to us! Making sure to look after everything, no matter what situation and plan on simplifying things by paying attention to minute details of all your concerns.




At Draiocht Media, our mission is to offer exceptional digital marketing services to businesses of any size and any industry. Thus, delivering awesome results by establishing a spellbinding connect between a brand and its consumers with impeccable strategy, creativity, design and relationship building.


We aim to establish a new benchmark in the online marketing industry, in terms of quality,creativity and culture. We envision to create lasting relationships with our clients and strive to drive more than just revenue for them; as we always measure our success by the success of our clients.

You can also contact us via the details mentioned alongside for a quick response.

Phone: +91-20-25362454
Mobile: +91-7888003351/52/53
Email: hello@draiochtmedia.com
Website: www.draiochtmedia.com