Our story of

Creative thinking & structured approach to complex problems and agility without undermining the quality of work or compromising on the set KPIs sets us apart.

Creative Approach

Curiosity plays the role of ignition for us, leading us to imagining innovative campaigns for you & get insightful takes towards work while getting at the root of things, then working on it creatively.

Effective Engagement

We use the latest digital marketing methodology to engage, attract and generate quality leads that result in consumer growth & satisfaction.


Our constant analytical and strategy driven approach helps businesses to attain desired results in terms of growth and keeping up with the set KPIs.

we embrace COMPLEX problems and creative challenges in order to drive results.

We, at Draiocht Media, always push for perfection but never at the expense of progress. In-depth research and problem solving instigate the ability to question & challenge everything, even our own tendency. Good creative thinking considers the task at hand as well as all surrounding systems. Last but not the least, we believe that minute details matter the most and make all the difference.

We cut across the digital skill divide. Our work coalesces analytics, strategy, content, design, technology, marketing and consulting to provide a sustainable thrust for desired growth to our clients’ businesses. We care deeply about growth & return on investment, accordingly, we work hard to overcome all obstacles that prevent prospects from becoming buyers and eventually brand ambassadors.

Idea behind the birth of draiocht media

Draíocht is an Irish word that means magic.
pronounced: DREEuhkht

Founded with the aim to deliver magical digital marketing experience to businesses of any size and any industry. Thus, delivering awesome results by establishing a spellbinding connect between a brand and its consumers with impeccable strategy, creativity, design and relationship building. 

We envision to create lasting relationships with our clients and strive to drive more than just revenue for them; as we always measure our success by the success of our clients.

story behind our success
In order to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients and team, every decision taken here is as per our core values. These values are not some abstract or fancy words but are actionable words that guide our project processes, how we work with our clients and teammates. They are our way of doing business.
  • ThinkGood design thinking considers the task at hand as well as all the surrounding systems.
  • Question – True innovation is attained only when we question everything, even our own assumptions.
  • Detail – Whether working on a design or a campaign or developing a code, detailing helps us attain a sustained growth.
  • Amaze – Working towards & making sure that better than desired results are attained every time, thus amazing our clients – making the relationship even stronger.
Why Should You Choose Us

We take pride in putting ourselves in our ‘clients shoes’ while assessing every desideratum individually and providing strategic solution, exactly how they would like to work with a key marketing partner.

Although Draiocht Media was formed recently in 2018, our marketing & design experts have been in the industry for over 10 years having worked with not only India's but with global brands, from SMEs to MNCs. With us, you are not associating with a digital marketing agency but a partner for growth.
Proactive is a word which can be overused however we are renowned for being extremely proactive when it comes to finding & executing the right marketing strategy suited for your business.
We believe that you should always have a clear understanding of the basics: what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and the results that its delivering. That is why, in each of our reports, you’ll receive a clear and easy to understand breakdown of these things in layman's language. Nothing fancy here.
We’re focused on increasing your online brand visibility, leads and sales. We will work with you to define measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and business goals to measure throughout and it only gets better the more time and effort we put into it!
We are a small, but dedicated company that understands the gravity of hassle free & clear communication. In most cases, a single point of contact is assigned. We regularly update clients on the work we are doing and clarify their doubts, if any.
Our disposition is to offer the very best service to all our clients at a reasonable price. Our services are flexible giving you the freedom to use the services that you actually need to achieve your business goals - no fixed packages!
ready to supercharge your next campaign?
The Magic Trick

Its the people who make any businesses or brand. Our USP is to understand the people we are trying to reach. We dig deep, joggle some data, draw inferences and recapitulate in strategizing.

Having a keen interest in comprehending what will make a business or brand valuable for the people and how the audience would connect with a brand or its service/products

Keeping a close watch on the competitors of a business and ensuring to be different and one step ahead in that competitive landscape is something we possess a distinctive excellence.


Let The Story-Telling Begin…You Can Start By Just Saying HELLO!

Whether you have a query or you wish to start a new project, all you need to do is fill in the details below and we shall get in touch asap.
Plot No. 8, ‘Swojas’, Shantiban Society, Kothrud, Pune 411038 
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