Coronavirus Pandemic: How Businesses Can Embrace Digital Marketing to Cope Up From This Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people live. People from all around the world are trying to stay indoors as much as possible; many working from home and many are having too much spare time at hand. In all these scenarios businesses are also compelled to change the way they market. Most viewers are now, not available to meet face to face or on roads, but online. Hence the traditional mode of marketing is no longer deriving any benefit. Not all businesses are savvy to digital marketing, but the pandemic has somehow left it as the only best option to move ahead.

Further in the article, you will learn how digital marketing can help you cope with the crisis and achieve the well-needed stability of your business.

India’s internet usage during the lockdown skyrocketed by over 40 percent.

*according to a report dubbed ‘State of the Internet Traffic Trend’, released by ACT Fibernet

How coronavirus has affected businesses around the world

All businesses had to adapt to the remote culture, which till now was not a norm in most of the industries. Many companies that relied on annual exhibitions, conferences, and face to face meetings are helpless due to its total disappearance. Many of them lost potential clients and customer pipelines; it compelled marketers to derive innovative strategies for covering the loss. It is observed that companies with quick adaptation emerged well in the market. More focus on social media, reliance on teleconferencing tools, and connecting well to the consumers has helped them stay put.

Role of Digital Marketing in a Time of Crisis

As per one report of Forbes, internet hits around the world surged by around 50% during lockdown, according to preliminary statistics, which is a huge rise. Hence many businesses have made digital marketing as their top priority to gain the customers. Strategies like social media campaigns; Use of influencers and SEO is seen to be rising at a similar pace. It is about time to update or create the long-overdue website and look for new e-commerce channels to survive in this pandemic.

Digital marketing tools help tap audiences on a global level with very less investments. With clever marketing it is not impossible to gain hundreds of customer’s base in matters of weeks.

Best suited Digital Marketing strategy for the current scenario

There is sugarcoating to the fact that people are stressed and worried about pandemic. They spend time to maintain health and hygiene of self and their families and are spending cautiously. In this scenario it is wise to engage existing customers through Social media. It could range from lighthearted jokes or informative webinars to impart useful tips. Businesses are trying to achieve an emotional connection with their existing customers.

A well though email campaign is also found to be proven in this crisis. Letting customers know you are open for business and letting them know how you are dealing with the current crisis also plays a crucial role in relationship building with the customers.

As far as the prospective customers are concerned, SEO and Paid search is a proven digital marketing strategy that helps in the long run.

Nothing lasts forever and so will the pandemic. Digital marketing has helped businesses in the past and will prove to be a powerful tool in this crisis as well. A well-defined Digital Marketing strategy will help in good brand recall as well, which will boost the business when things get back to normal.

Maintaining social distancing and bringing Digital Marketing closer can help you sail through the crisis. So keep your spirits high and start digital marketing now.

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