Digital Marketing Tactics for Businesses during These pandemic Times

People all around the world are trying their best to save themselves from getting infected by Coronavirus. Apart from personal safety, one more concern that bothers businesses around the world is- business survival. Many are opting for various strategies to reduce the financial impact due to pandemic. Traditional marketing methods being less effective due to lockdowns, Digital marketing has turned out to be the viable option.

Brands around the world are seen active on social media more than ever. Many companies are having their online presence and selling via eCommerce.  Engaging the customer in a meaningful way has proven to increase sales and also contribute to society.

In today’s scenario, when we are fighting a global pandemic, the digital marketing and advertising community is here to meet help brands sail through this turmoil, creating personalized experiences for customers in a cost-effective manner.

The economic uncertainties that this coronavirus pandemic brings with itself are still not clear, however history has shown, some brands can battle a recession in a much stronger and profitable manner than others. During the Great Depression in America, in 1929, like all consumer product companies, Procter and Gamble (P&G) was suffering severely due to low sales and excess inventory; the company think tanks quickly realized that, even in the recession, people would require soap and other regular use products. Thus, instead of cutting its advertising and marketing costs, P&G came up with new marketing avenues like commercial radio broadcast which allowed it to directly reach its target audience — homemakers. This tactic was extremely successful and helped the company sail through smoothly.

As we navigate uncertain times, brands must adapt their marketing and advertising strategies to meet the needs of both their customers and the evolving business landscape.

Read on to know the best Digital marketing tactics for your business.

  • Online presence is a must

A report by Business Line suggests that web browsing has increased by 70% and social media engagement by around 61%. A famous Proverb- ‘Make hay while the sun shines’- applies to the current scenario, many are online – for entertainment and shopping, hence it is the best time to have an online presence and boost your sales. Even the people who were skeptical about online shopping are left with no option due to social distancing.

  • Social Media Presence

With so many eyeballs on social media, it won’t be wise to shy away from it. Many have free time while staying indoors; there is no best time to engage your customers in your brand. Add posts which can be either informative or funny. Adding how you are ensuring your employee’s safety can also help in branding.

  • Gauge the competition and stay ahead

It’s wise to keep an eye on the competition and try to do things better than they do. A quality content, well-optimized images, and mobile applications will keep you ahead in the race and help you rank better on search engines

  • Focus on Local SEO and Online reviews

‘Near me’ search becomes of utmost importance in the pandemic, as nobody wishes to go far for shopping. Also, try to maintain a good online reputation as it’s a great way to connect to the audience.

  • Adapt and innovate

Adapt your business to meet customer’s needs. The same tactics and strategies may not work for you. But showing empathy towards customers and helping them in the best way possible can make your brand know and be dear to many. For instance- if you are in the food business, then showing extra measures to ensure safety can increase your sales. Any free webinar or any useful tips to protect from corona can educate your customers and keep them glued to your website or social media.

  • Provide special offers

Who doesn’t like special offers and discounts? it has been a prime way to attract customers. In these trying times, many are opting to buy things online rather than visiting stores. So providing discounts and offers through Pay per click or social media can help you gain revenue and make your customers happy.

  • Opt of PPC ( Pay Per Click ) advertising

We all know people are trying to cut back on expenses and the conversion rate from PPC will be low. But this is what most of the competitors are thinking and hence cutting back on PPC advertising. But do not forget- Less competition means more visibility, and one should not waste this opportunity. Current ad rates are also going down due to demand. An article in Financial Express states that ads rates are down by around 20% and in some by 40%. Tweak your PPC ads as per the current scenario, schedule your ads well and it will be a perfect recipe to showcase your brand credibility and visibility to the target audience.

  • Improve SEO

It is said that the best place to hide something is the second page of Google. If your business is not found online to people, sales may not jump so high.  Focusing on ranking website better should be one of the priorities. Use targeted keywords, informative content, and focus on the responsiveness of your website.

  • Pay attention to marketing metrics

The economy is hit badly and hence businesses must cut back on the things which are not reaping many benefits. Keep an eye on organic search volume, the number of visitors, bounce rate, conversion rate, and consumer engagement rate to evaluate loopholes.

  • Catch up on pending Digital marketing tasks

With extra time at hand, one should focus on things that were overlooked previously, if you wish to revamp your website or change logo, add blog posts, or any other small changes that were pending. Use the downtime for something productive. It may not give you instant results but it will be time spent well for the future growth prospect.

Till date COVID-19 has not only infected millions worldwide, it has also sent the world into an economic spiral. Just like several attributes of the novel coronavirus are still a mystery, there are many unknowns about the real impact of COVID-19 on businesses might be, but one thing is sure — this is an opportunity for businesses of all sizes, local or global, to revisit marketing strategies, re-assess consumer needs and reach out to them directly (with the help of social media) to continue thriving in a post-pandemic world.

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