The Need of Digital Marketing for Small and Local Businesses

Whenever a business is started, apart from having an innovative product or services, there is a need to market and let people know about your business. Businesses opt for traditional marketing like banners, Magazines, or newspapers and many have started to realize that digital marketing is also a great way to drive business leads. A study by Hubspot states that around 78% of audiences do online research before making a purchasing decision, it also states that inbound marketing costs 62% less than other sources of marketing.

Considering the current pandemic, many business strategies are changed. More focus is given on digital marketing. Our honorable PM suggested the Indian population to be self-reliant #aatmanirbhar and focus on local products and services for bringing the economy in good shape. #LocalKeLiyeVocal is recently seen to be top trending on Twitter. People are more willing to purchase local goods and services, which is yet another reason to have an online presence and increase visibility in this crisis.

…India has around 560 million internet users; by 2023 it will grow by 650 million. Missing out on so many potential buyers will cost a lot to a business.

What is digital marketing and its benefits?

Any marketing that is done online is called Digital marketing- it encompasses of Pay per click advertising, SEO, Email marketing, Content marketing, Social media marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Major benefits of Digital marketing include- greater reach, create brand loyalty by personalization and measurable results, and most importantly improved conversation rates.

Why small businesses should opt for digital marketing? 

  • Internet users will keep on growing

 India has around 560 million internet users; by 2023 it will grow by 650 million. Missing out on so many potential buyers will cost a lot to a business. A strong online presence and being able to land on the first page of Google can be a success mantra for small and local businesses.

  • Business is on 24/7

Having a website is like having a store that is always open. A well-managed website with customer service via chat can help process your business enquires at any time. An active social media pages also help gain followers any time of the day.

  • Cost-effective form of marketing

 It is no brainer that small and local businesses do not have big budgets to spend on marketing.
But Innovative strategies like Retargeting Ads, pay per click marketing is proven to be a budget-friendly and effective mean to drive leads to business.

  • Build a solid customer base

With the help of digital marketing, small businesses can learn about their customers’ needs and accordingly tailor their sales pitch. A personalized marketing campaign will attract the right customers and help boost your sales manifold.

  •  A multichannel approach to get more leads

There are several places to market online- be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube all of them have several users. A multi-channel approach will help small businesses reach more customers and have a better understanding of their Audience. Customers can use any medium which they like and still be in touch with your brand.  Make sure to stay updated on whichever channels you choose.

  • Provide equal opportunity in a competitive world

Long gone are the days when people only knew big brands. Digital marketing has helped grow the reach and visibility; it has allowed small businesses to compete on a leveling ground with the big players.

  • Give measurable results

 With the help of Google analytics, one can see how effectively the efforts are bringing in results.
It is easy to see how many were engaged on the website, how many converted to make a purchase, and how many of them bounced back. Digital marketers tweak their strategies from time to time to suit the business they are catering too. With quantifiable results, small and local businesses can make quick decisions for their investments.

  • Get ahead of your competition

Around 64% of small businesses have an online presence. Even a small food truck around the corner of the street has a well-managed social media page these days.
One can get ahead in the competition by optimizing the website for local search. 72% of customers who search for local businesses visit the store within 8 Km.
This is probably the best time to begin digital marketing, hire a good digital marketing firm and start seeing positive results in your sales figures.

Many startups and small businesses, in general, are more inclined towards traditional methods of marketing but the results with such methods are mostly slow and the business is able to attract customers at a local level only. Whereas, the quantum of potential customers found online is comparatively large and the results are also quick. Digital marketing is a cost-effective way to transform business enhancing sales and profits. In fact, now is the right time for small & local business to utilize the potential of digital marketing and get ahead of the competition.

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